Escuela Internacional de Teatro Arturo Bernal

International School of Physical Theatre. Gestural Theatre

The Word is a sound gesture; the Mask, pure action; Mime, precision and dynamics.

The International School of Theater Arturo Bernal relies on the most precise pedagogy that has existed throughout the history of theater.
An organic and intense pedagogy based on the Movement proposed by Jacques Lecoq that lays the foundations to build a new path, the path of inclusion. But he also relies on Lassaad Saïdi as teacher and maximum representative of the generation of pedagogues of the s. XX.

However, The International School of Theater Arturo Bernal is a contemporary school, of the 21st century, that defends a Gestural Theater that does not differentiate Mask, Mime and Word.

The physical action, the psychological gesture, the dynamics of the animals, the event, the active analysis of the text, the acting availability, the pre-expressiveness … a vocabulary that should start to be common in the theater scene. A heterodoxy that is nourished and established in the Movement at the service of the scene.

Current sensitivity has little to do with past generations. Technology, interdisciplinarity, new dramaturgies; In short, heterodoxy governs current artistic events.
New contents and new forms that a professional theater school should order.

Images of Arturo Bernal. Mask  Workshop in El Pavón Teatro Kamikaze. March 2018 (Photographs by Mariano Neyra Rimer)

Images of Choreography of the daily gesture class. Arturo Bernal and Ander García. (Photographs by Carlos Gallardo)

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| Mask Workshop –From the Neutral Mask to the Expressive Mask– from September 17 to September 21 |

School of Theatre. Madrid
International School of Physical Theatre Arturo Bernal. Gestural Theatre

Physical Theatre Mask

Teatro Físico, Teatro del Movimiento, Teatro Gestual

Quarterly courses

Quarterly courses in which styles are discovered, studying their gestural and textual structure. The internal action, the active analysis of the gesture and text, the chain of events, will be present from the beginning of the course. The creation and interpretation of contemporary theater will be studied, through tradition and the avant-garde.

Curso de Máscara teatral. Arturo Bernal

Mask Workshop

In this monographic course we propose a discovery of three types of whole mask (with mouth). The objective of this specific workshop is for the students to experience the importance of building a body available for the stage and, from there, to impregnate the psycho-physical transformation necessary for the construction of a character, regardless of style.